We’re proud to be sponsored by Alkimi Exchange – the world’s first decentralised advertising exchange – bringing radical transparency and markedly lower fees to the programmatic buying that powers the vast majority of online ad buys.

As they say, “Advertising broke the internet, fix the internet with $ADS” (referring to the crypto token that powers their innovative solution).

We’d encourage you to read Alkimi’s whitepaper on their website and follow their social channels to learn more.

Offer from our sponsor, Alkimi Exchange

Holder of Alkimi’s “AlEx” or “AlExa” NFT are entitled to a free paid subscription to AD-VERSE. Given as rewards for stakers of the $ADS token, as an International Women’s Day giveaway, or available on OpenSea marketplace, they’re not just a great collectable but have growing utility and are an example of how new technologies are shaking up the advertising industry. Check out our subscriptions page.